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Chocolate Making

The Wacky Chocolate Heaven Training covers a thorough understanding of ALL the fundamental skills needed to become a chocolatier, and a comprehensive understanding of chocolate as a product.

No experience necessary, as you will be Trained in all aspects of Chocolate making ~ from basics to end product.

The Wacky Chocolate Heaven Training will cover the history of Chocolate making & of course the process of making Chocolate from Bean to Bar.

The Wacky Chocolate Heaven Training will also host a ‘dream’ tasting session of all the chocolate made on the day.

Best of all ~ at the end of the Training ~ you will delight your family & friends with all the creations you made during the Training  😎

What we Cover:

  • Learn about the history & art of chocolate and the concept from bean to bar
  • The awesome health benefits derived from chocolate
  • Creating different forms of Ganache’
  • The art of tempering ~introducing various tempering methods
  • Creating & coating a variety of truffles
  • Chocolate Flavouring ~ limitless
  • Chocolate Moulding ~ making use of various shaped moulds.
  • Abundant chocolate tasting ~ your own creations & those of others attending with you.
  • How to professionally package & present your chocolate ideas

At The Wacky Chocolate Heaven ~ we ensure that we Train you to be competent to run your own Franchise!