Decadence ~ simply out of this world!
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Our The Wacky Chocolate Heaven is a concept, whereby you can work from home ~ have fun ~ feel rewarded ~ enjoy challenges ~ create inspirationally unique masterpieces & above all ~ stay at home with your beautiful Angel/s whilst earning a viable income.

  • No limit to your striving
  • No unnecessary traffic jams
  • No ‘boss’ looking over your shoulder ~ You are your own boss!
  • No set business hours
  • No need to stress about taking time off work for ‘personal’ reasons

There are no limitations to any ‘sector’ ~ you supply & create to whomever you want ~ in your allocated area. We create uniqueness for many. From Wedding favours ~ wedding cakes ~ stag party ~ hens night ~ baby showers ~ birthday ~ corporate functions ~ Christenings to name but a few.

We offer comprehensive certified Training as part of your Franchise package. There are endless opportunities ~ Complete & ongoing back-up support ~ Training updates to keep up with the ‘trends’ & product updates/ support are all part of this unique Franchise opportunity.

At The Wacky Chocolate Heaven ~ everything is about CHOCOLATE! We sleep, eat, drink, talk & best of all make CHOCOLATE dreams come true! We are ‘Decadence ~ simply out of this world!’

Wedding Favours ~ Wedding Cakes ~ Stag Party ~ Hens Night ~ Baby Showers

Birthday ~ Corporate Functions ~ Christenings


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